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Blush Pampering with Sircuit Skin


After removing the days gunk & makeup off ya face, like you do when you’re starving, you wanna feed your skin good food! We cant thank SIRCUIT® Cosmeceuticals enough for our lovely box of skincare products and our personalized skincare regimen!

MANGILLA mango-vanilla moisturizing lip balm- Winner of Allure's Editors Choice Awardimage

I love the I. CEE U.+ firming anti-aging eye gel and I cant stop saying this but if the O.M.G.+ anti-aging skin resuscitating serum was edible, i’d drink it in a heart beat! :D It’s like a good Piña colada on a friday night.. except my face can have a treat every day! 

Thank you again to Sircuit Skin for introducing Blush to these amazing products. Blushies, make sure you check them out and treat your skin right :D


More face paint - do you know the countries on the Blush Group members faces - painted as flags - let us know in the comments below. 

Images are from our music video for #WARRIOR - check out

#WARRIOR face country paint from the music video -

Do you know the flags painted on the faces of our Blush Group members? Let us know on the comments below 

#WARRIOR Blush flags from the Warrior music video -

Ji Hae and Victoria getting all dolled up.

Ji Hae and Victoria getting all dolled up.

Julian Hakes Mojito Shoes

Ok.. so when it rains here in LA.. I get a lil home sick.. not sure which home exactly.. Grey skies remind me of London.. and Rain.. good ol monsoon typhoons in HK.. and to make matters worse today. . I find that I’ll be missing the Julian Hakes London Cocktail Party in HK!! 4th Feb at Rula Bula hosted by Sassy.. I’ve been away so long.. I don’t even know where Rula Bula is!! Uh oh! But that’s besides the point. The point is.. I need to get my hands on these amazing looking Mojito Shoes by Julian Hakes!!


Hakes.. an architect must know everything about ergonomics.. so I’m assuming the shoes will be comfy.. but when does a shoe that looks amazing ever fit comfortably long enough to last the red carpet.. Having said that Hakes was recently named Best Footwear Designer of 2012 by industry insiders’ Drapers. There must be something about these architecturally unique sole-less stunners that make it possible to walk in! In any case.. to have such art on my feet.. pain will be worth it! :D  I just actually have to get my hands on a pair to try!

Getting Grammy Style!

Wow.. what a busy week.. I can barely keep up.. aiya!! We’re all gearing up for the 55thGrammys next month, no sooner will it be around the corner and you don’t want to be stuck with out a dress!! And for Blush that means 5 dresses!! It’s never too soon to go on a dress hunt!! Trust me!! :D  Lucky for us, The lovely Sue Wong offered to dress Blush for the Grammy’s, so we headed down to her Showroom in LA for an initial fitting.

Super excited to go “dress hunting” but I was also excited to see our stylist Lee Moore again! He styled us for our Christmas Lights music video. I love working with Lee, he makes us feel comfortable.. I think that it’s sometimes a hard job to tell someone, er you don’t exactly look so good in what you’re in, you should try something else kinda thing. Yet Lee will take the time to explain to us why an outfit works or doesn’t work. No one wants to or should be allowed to wear an outfit that isn’t right for their body-type, shape or size.  Lee is the perfect guide to finding the right styles and outfits that suit our personality and shape.  We’ve learnt a lot from working with Lee and I cant wait for him to style us again!

Too bad I cant tell you or show you what we’re wearing.. otherwise it’ll no longer be a surprise.. but its always important to chose and stick to a theme, especially when finding 5 dresses/outfits! It’s hard enough to find one sometimes, can you imagine 5?? Ok one hint.. Grammy… Black & Gold.. ok my lips are sealed now.. you’ll have to follow us and check us out again Grammy weekend to see the gorgeous dresses we’ll be wearing for the Awards Ceremony! 

Fun with Nicki Sun + Radio For The People

Blush and Radio For The People

Blush, Radio For The People, and Nicki Sun

We had another pretty eventful weekend celebrating the birthday of MYX TV’s very own gorgeous Nicki Sun Blush had so much fun catch up with familiar faces.. Producer/Director Andrew Rose and meeting new ones.. Radio for the people! Just like Blush.. they are a multi ethnic pop group.. and we love to find out where people are from.. so they have Eric who is Latino.. Matt who is Filipino Chinese, Kevin who’s Scandinavian/Norwegian to be exact, Italian and Rochone who is African American, French Creole and Native American .. Wow what a mix eh!? 

Put two bands in a room.. we obviously start singing.. we gave them a bit of Blush with Dance On.. and they hit us back with an original number called “A Call Away” .. so then we got all Bollywood on them and gave ‘em a taste of “Sweetly Leave Me” .. it was almost like a scene outta “Pitch Perfect”..

For the finale, RFTP serenaded us with “Get Wid It.” I wish you could have been there to hear their voices! What a blend… what talent and passion for their craft. We’re looking forward to hanging and learning a thing or two from these talented guys! Did someone mention collaboration? That would be pretty darn cool.. these guys write their own stuff too.. Never say never.. cos you just never know! 


I dont care if it doesn’t “match your blog”, this should forever be reblogged

We agree! We appreciate Martin Luther King + what he has done for everyone, even Blush Group. We all from Asia: #India, #Korea, #HongKong, #Philippines, #Japan. We honor #MLK +his dream +now we all have opportunity in #USA! 


I dont care if it doesn’t “match your blog”, this should forever be reblogged

We agree! We appreciate Martin Luther King + what he has done for everyone, even Blush Group. We all from Asia: #India, #Korea, #HongKong, #Philippines, #Japan. We honor #MLK +his dream +now we all have opportunity in #USA

LA Winter BLUSH Adventures!
Wow, what a week now that Blush is back in LA in full swing! Tuesday, We dolled up with new hairstylist Larry McDaniel and makeup artist David Hernandez for a night on the town.
First we stopped by the Grammy Foundation party at Loews, met lots of interesting new faces then had to jet off to make the redcarpet for the Genlux Magazine party (party photos here!) hosted by cover girl Kristin Chenoweth whom we had the opportunity to meet.
Blush with Kristin Chenowith
We also met Ashley Tisdale and Sue Wong who will be dressing Blush for the Grammy Ceremony! We are totally psyched to go.. and its on Alisha’s 21st birthday!!
Alisha B Grammy Invite
Its gonna be a day to remember! And don’t say I didn’t remind ya.. make sure you wish her happy-bday on the 10th Feb!!
We also caught up with DJ Wednesday at Hyde Lounge .. duh… on Wednesday :D looking forward to grooving to her spins next time we see her.
DJ Wednesday and Victoria
Blush out on the town
Yesterday, Blush finally got their dose of scrumptious Chinese food.. we ate like we hadn’t eaten for months! SweetnSour Chicken, MaaPor Tofu, Choi Sum, Kai Lan, Chicken noodles.. it was almost like we were back in HK.. instead our meal marked our first official visit to LA Chinatown! :D It’s our favorite Chinatown restaurant now, Fortune Gourmet Kitchen
We are even more excited to be performing at the Annual Chinese New Year Festivities on the 16th & 17th of Feb.. to celebrate the year of the Snake!! So if you Blushies have any ideas for our costumes, makeup, hair, nails, jewelry… send them our way so we can look fabulous to welcome the year of the Snake.. and make sure to come down to Chinatown to party with us :D
-  xoxoxox @blushvictoriac
#Style Ideas 2013

We’ve already shared some nail ideas for 2013. Then some amazing dresses. Today we’ll look at shoes. Share ideas with us here via Tumblr. We’ll reblog them ;) You can tag them #blushstyle2013 

Nail Style Ideas for 2013

Looking for cool nail ideas for 2013 - we’ll reblog some we see right now and share with us some posts you find because we want really FRESH ideas ;) xoxo Blush Group - Angeli, Alisha, Jihae, Nacho, Victoria

Make sure to share the holiday spirit with all of your friends and help us grow the world of #blushies with our holiday song “Christmas Lights”. ReBLOG this post, like ;)

We are headed to the NOH8 12-12-12 event tonight at the Avalon Hollywood - it’s free, all ages, and supports equality. LeAnn Rimes is a featured guest. Here’s an article on why she supports NOH8

TOUR DIARY: 1st day in Paris


After we enjoyed time performing for the International Luxury Travel Market party, and the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences’ Gala, we traveled from Cannes to Paris via Amsterdam, which is a bit strange because we could have gone direct, but it was cool because we now say we visited Amsterdam, even if it was only the airport :)


The first night in Paris…so cold, they say it might snow which would thrill us beyond words! From afar, but still we managed a photo on Bridge Pont Neuf of the Eiffel Tour on the hour when all the lights were sparkling.

Blush at Eiffel Tower

We had dinner in a French Brasserie with our friend, Guillaume. It is so interesting that omelettes are not uncommon at a French dinner.

Our first full day in Paris we found it a bit warmer, but some rain so not so great for photos but we did get a few in front of the Opera House.

In front of Opera House

We had an interview with Influencia magazine and that was actually really enjoyable because Isabelle and Gael had some really great questions. We asked them if they happened to know David Guetta and amazingly they know his wife so we can only pray that we can be introduced to Mr. Guetta through these wonderful people. It would be unbelievable if we would get to meet him and better yet, work with him!

Maybelline Products

After a great meeting with L’Oreal and Maybelline NY, we closed out the night with an incredible show at the famous Crazy Horse.

Crazy Horse Paris

Beautiful women, beautiful show, so many creative ideas that maybe we can use in our own shows.